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Sarswati Trust was born in the mind of the founder when he missed his MBBS(Medical Admission @ 94%PCB) due to unavailable resource and information at right time.
Thus when founder stood his own and after good career, decided to help giving back to society and such aspirants.

Another motivation behind the offerings is his mother, being an illiterate and a lady from rural area she brought up her four children well educated and responsible citizen of the country.

Hence the name of NGO follows from his mother name, and the motivation to serve such kids who look for education in any kind so their mothers’ also feel proud of themselves


Empowering the society thru education, training / awareness for self enlightenment to help them practicing humanity.

Advancement of Education

Educational Aids DistributionAdvancement of Education


MITRASustainable Living

Advancement of Education

Book DonationAdvancement of Education

Relief of the Poor

Adopted Unprivilegded GirlRelief of the Poor

Areas of Reach

  • Advancement of Education: Imparting education, charity to humanity.
  • Relief of the Poor: Adopting underprivileged children who have talent but doesn’t have resources.
  • Relief of the Poor: To make chain of such adopted talents for continuation of mission.
  • Relief of the Poor: Used educational books donation platform.
    • Awareness regarding resources and helping individuals more responsible to others
    • Sustainable living - organic cultivation, MiTRA training (Mind in Training for Right Awareness) etc.


Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.- Horace Mann

Vinod Bandge

Vinod BandgeFounder

Dr.Sheetal Salunke

Dr.Sheetal SalunkeVolunteer

Shri Ashok ji Bharati

Shri Ashok ji Bharati (Rtd Dy SP -ACB Anti Corruption Bureau)

Dr. Tessa Brooke

Dr. Tessa Brooke Volunteer

Sarswati Charitable Trust
  • info@sarswatitrust.org
  • Flat 304, Sterling Habitat, Bavdhan, Pune 411021, Maharashtra, India
  • (+91) 9404 634 869
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Registration Details

Society Registration No.: MH/396/2010 (Parbhani) dated 23.03.2010 (Under Society Registration Act, 1860)
Charity Registration No.: F-10614 (Parbhani) dated 18.08.2010 @ Assistant Charity Commissioner, Parbhani 431401 (Under Bombay Public Charitable Act, 1950)
Niti Aayog UID No.: MH/2018/0190303 dated 15.03.2018
12 AA Registration No.: PN/CIT(Exemp.)/Tech/12AA/Pune Rg/1239/69/2017-18/2716 dated-21.08.2018
80 G Registration No.: ITBA/EXM/80G/2019-20/1016448388(1) dated-21.06.2019